Artist Spotlight : Rich Starz

The 845Themixshow Artist Spotlight

 Consist of 4 Segments

Segment 1 (The Interview)

 Artist will answer questions from Dj Doowyah such as their infuences musically, Top 3 Artist All-time , City or Area the artist represents and so on..

Segment 2 (The Booth)

845themixshow resurrects a Hip-Hop Classic Freestyles from the Numedia Studio Booth: Artist will be given an instrumental to put their best freestyle together. The Freestyle will consist of on one instrumental and artist has the duration of the instrumental to perform.

Segment 3 (The Golden Mic Report)

The GMR will be reviewed by 845themixshow guest , affliates and Online fans

The artist will be reviewed on 1-5 Scale

1Mic =  The Worst

2Mics = Wack

3Mics = Cool

4Mics = Dope

5Mics = Fire

Scores will be based specifically on

Lyrics, Beats , Flow and Star Quality.

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