845them Mixshow Bars Tournament

845themixshow Bars tournament will feature 16 Mcs in a tournament style face off.

Mcs will be randomly put against each other in a one on one matchup.

Each artist will have the full entire beat to showcase their talent and skill.

The victor of each matchup will be determinded by Online Votes as well as the 845 Mixshow

cast.  If we feel the voting has been manipulated at all online via spam or other forms we will

step in and make a final decision.

Even Though Artist are matched up against each other we would like participants to reframe

for directly going at the current opponent.

The Tournament 1st Round is scheduled for the 1st Week in June.

We will split the first round into two different Nights

Here are our Confirmed Artist:

King Simms

Meeks Major

Yung Overtime


Teddy Geez


Battle Rylan

J. Bush

Banko Dupree

Twiin Anderson


Vine The God

Maniak Muggee

Skillz Ryder 



Beats :

Mask Off – Future

Grindin – Clipse

Touch it – Busta Rhymes

C.R.E.A.M – Wu-Tang Clan

Oochie Wallie – Nas

I Get Money – 50 Cent

Paid N Full – Eric B and Rakim

Money Power Respect – The Lox

Round One:   JUNE 6th 2017  9pm Drumline Studios




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