845TheMixshow June 19th

845TheMixshow June 19th
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845themixshow Hosted by Lady D and Dj Doowyah This week on the show we interview K-city’s own Dom Gotti. Gotti has been making big moves in the past several months. Gotti Placed in the top four of the K104 artist competition. Gotti also was picked in the Team Back underground hip-hop competition. Gotti Sticks around with us to discuss our weekly topics. This week we speak on the NBA Finals and the XXL Freshman cover. Also don’t miss the Don’t believe the hype as I tell you why Steph Curry’s hype is not to be believed. Tune In to 845the Mixshow.

i enjoyed the talks

fun gossips…love it

They are really know how talk and have fun!

i think it’s Stunning

fabulous that’s what I can say now

that’s really incredible..good work

i’m not gonna miss his album.

I love……<3

superb!! awesome!! amazing!!

it’s cracking!!

good making,good music

what a performance,i’m amazed…

i like it.it’s awesome.

most people will like it,super music..

class one performance

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