845themixshow Season 2 Featuring Upgrade Hiphop , Rachael Hendricks and Burl Dollah

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On this episode of 845themixshow we welcome back the lovely Lady D. Upgrade Hiphop sits down with Host Bobby Good and Dj Doowyah to discuss his latest project “The Shmucky Thompson Experience”. Upgrade drops and epic freestyle to the Kodak Black Tunnel Vision track Definitely a must see and listen.

In our second segment J. Lynee and Lady D sit down with Rachael Hendricks. Rachael recently released her EP “Everything”. The ladies speak about everything from Rachael’s inspirations artist she has worked Rachael even gets into her love life and how she’s tired of needy men. Miss Hendricks is taking applications fellas shoot your shot.

In our final segment Lady D and Dj Doowyah chop it up with Burl Dollah. Burl Drop released his EP “Q9 The Warm Up” produced by Motif Alumni. Burl Drops knowledge about some of his influences and who he regards as the top 5 Emcess of all time.

Credits Host : Bobby Good , J Lynee , Lady D and Dj Doowyah Directors: Christopher Raymond (CRM Films) & John Blaze White (Faregame Ent) Engineer: Drawzilla Derrick Producers: Corey D Haywood & Quasim Henry

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