845themixshow Season 3 Ep 1 Escape At Dannemora CLICK HERE!!

845TheMixshow Season 3 Episode 1 Kicks off with Actor/Writer Hollywood Consultant Erik Jensen.Escape at Dannemora is the true Story of Two inmates that put together the first ever Escape of the 100 year old prison in Upstate NY.

Erik was an Inmate at the facility with the two escapees. During the 23 day manhunt Erik appeared on several media outlets to give some details of the players involved.

The media attention from the escape got the attention of writer and Co-Creator Brett Johnson.

Johnson sent the script to Ben Stiller. Stiller wasn’t initially interested in the script until many of the details were linked together. Stiller and Johnson and the creative team used many of the same people to help create the most realistic depiction of the escape.

Erik played a major role in the development of the show since he lived it first hand. Erik also landed the role as “Jab” White supremacist our least favorite character LoL.

845themixshow is honored to have Erik as our guest. We will get in depth on the creation of the show. How he was able to change his life?



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