Beyonce – Lemonade


Queen Bey reigns again! Beyoncé debuts her new visual album titled “Lemonade”. In the wake of Prince’s death Beyoncé shifts the focus as only she can. The Visual album was made available Saturday April 23rd. An hour-long special on HBO gave us a glimpse into some of the most intimate moments of the superstar.   Lemonade is available on ITunes for download but the only place to stream the project is of course on Tidal. The star power of Tidal has been major wins lately for the streaming service. First with the release of Kanye West ‘The Life Of Pablo” now “Lemonade” is the next exclusive for Tidal. Beyoncé is a co-owner of the service and it only makes sense business wise to make it only available for stream through Tidal. This seems to be a great strategy and will undoubtedly be a major win for the Carters. So far the album has received rave reviews. Come on its Beyoncé who doesn’t love them some Bey. Truly one of the few real superstars left she continues to add to her storied legacy. I can’t put any of the album up yet, Key word being yet. Check out the track list and link below subscribe to tidal for the full effect a must for any Beyoncé fan or anyone that enjoys great music.

Written By Dj Doowyah

‘Lemonade’ Track list:

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