Classic Bad Boy Mixtape 1995 Dj Clue Hosted by Puff Daddy




We are about a Month away from the Bad Boy Reunion Concert. It goes down May 20th 2016 Live from the Barclay Center. People have been complaining about the super high ticket price. I don’t know about y’all but times are rough so I am planning on hooking up a some speakers to my my TV and watching it on REVOLT. Wait… Is on Revolt I don’t know but it better be or some type of live feed. Cmon Puff don’t do us like that. Anyway we are in a throwback type mood. Hopefully the Boss man Dj Doowyah Lets this post fly ….  Anyone that remembers the Dj Clue Tapes of the 90s this was one of the hottest. Instead of Clue Talking over your favorites songs its Puff Daddy yes Puff Daddy being annoying as only Puff can be LOL Nah but this is absolute material. Make sure you hit that share button.

Written by Big City Tamel

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