Dj Doowyah – Host of 845themixshow


Dj Doowyah a main stay in the 845 Hip Hop scene. Dj Doowyah Brings a 15 plus Dj Career to 845themixshow. Doowyah one of the most knowledgable Hip Hop heads. Prides himself in pushing the culture forward. Originally from Hollis Queens, Dj Doowyah Career began in the 845 doing parties in Kingston, Ny in the late 90s. In the mid 2000’s Doowyah Interned for Murda Inc Records as a street team and promotions coordinator. Mostly known for his Mixtape’s Doowyah has also worked with Kiss Fm  Clear Channel of the Hudson Valley.  845TheMixshow was started in 2012 looking to bring the 845 to the forefront of Hip Hop culture.

Booking for  Parties, Mixtape Hosting , Promotion

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