Kristap Porzingis Traded to Dallas Mavericks


In the words of Ron Burgundy: “Boy, that escalated quickly.”

The Knicks finalized a deal Thursday to send Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks in a move that happened extremely fast. At lunch, Knicks fans were enjoying their day knowing Porzingis was happy in New York and then things spiraled out of control.

The deal happened so quickly NBA fans didn’t even have time to come up with fake deals in ESPN’s Trade Machine. Let’s take a look at how things came together from a meeting with executives to those same executives completing a trade just a few hours later.

1:44 — Woj reports Porzingis had meeting with Knicks

ESPN’s veteran NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski also shared, “Porzingis wants to play for a winner in New York, but is searching for clarity on his future role with the team and Knicks direction. Porzingis — out with an ACL injury — can be a restricted free agent this summer.”

So far, there’s nothing that directly indicates a trade, but it’s clear the star forward is unhappy and may enter restricted free agency. But multiple people pointed out why that didn’t make much sense financially. Porzingis would be giving up guaranteed money, and it’s likely the Knicks would have matched whatever offer he received.


2:54 — The apparent trade request




Exactly one hour later, it turns out that meeting was a little more serious than previously thought.

At 3:14 p.m., Woj said the Nets, Clippers, Heat, Spurs and Raptors were among the teams interested in trading for Porzingis. But before fans of those teams could get too excited, New York Times reporter Marc Stein dropped this…

3:37 — Mavs want Porzingis

3:37 — Woj makes typo


3:37 — Yes, we’re still on this minute.




This is the third tweet from a third NBA reporter in the same minute.

At first, all we knew was that the Mavs were interested, but The Athletic’s Shams Charania reports that Dennis Smith Jr. is involved in the deal.



This really shows the power of Twitter. We just got four reports on the same trade.

Did the Knicks and Mavs just put Woj, Stein and Charania on a teleconference call so they could tweet out the details of this deal in real time? Anyway, we now know that Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee are also involved in this trade.

3:38 — More Mavs involved in deal

3:59 — OK, I’ve lost track. What is this trade?



5:20 — There’s more


6:06 — Deal is final


The Knicks decided to yell at us to announce the news of the trade.

In conclusion…

To recap: within a three-hour span, Knicks fans went from knowing Porzingis was upset (but still very much on the team), to him apparently wanting a trade, to having him off the team all together. It’s pretty remarkable just how fast all of this went down and when the new information emerged.

When reading Woj’s original report, it’s not clear if Porzingis even requested a trade, or if he just left the team with that impression.

At any rate, Porzingis should pair well with Rookie of the Year favorite Luka Doncic. And as ESPN’s Bobby Marks noted, “The Knicks could be staring at $74.6M in projected cap space for next season. That would be good enough for [two] max slots.”

So now Knicks fans can start to Photoshop Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant into New York jerseys to ease their pain of losing Porzingis.


Via: Jordan Heck TheSportingNews

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