The Skills Challenge matchups were picked by Karl-Anthony Towns and Atlanta rapper Ludacris, who randomly selected numbers that were representative of each player. Here’s how those matchups panned out.

Luka Doncic tried to shoot from half court. Trae Young tried to knock one down, too. But it was Jayson Tatum who drilled a shot from the middle of the floor while trailing Trae Young to win the Skills Contest Championship on Saturday. The pair of young players couldn’t help but laugh. That’s the kind of event that kicked off All-Star Saturday night.

“Trae was already ahead of me, I saw him miss the first shot,” Tatum said. “We were just out there trying to have fun.


As it turns out, the best 3-point shooter in the NBA right now is not a Curry, Booker or Lillard. It’s Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Harris, who beat out Stephen Curry in the final of the 3-Point Contest Saturday night with a blistering long-range display.

Earlier in Saturday night’s NBA All-Star festivities, Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum claimed the Skills Challenge by nailing a half-court shot to edge Trae Young.


Whether it was the lack of big names, the incredibly high standard set by Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon a few years back or the plethora of failed attempts, the 2019 NBA Slam Dunk Contest felt a little underwhelming. But that isn’t to say there weren’t any cool moments.

Miles Bridges connected on a sweet 360 slam and Dennis Smith Jr. flew over rapper J. Cole, but Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Hamidou Diallo stole the show. Before going on to win the title, Diallo threw down the best dunk of the night when he jumped over Shaquille O’Neal with his second slam of the first round.

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