YG – Still Brazy Full Album

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YG is back and brought the west with him. The Bompton native strikes again with a collection of bangers titled “Still Brazy”. Listening to this album takes me back to when the west was truly on top of the rap game. YG embodies the hood culture and lifestyle of Los Angeles. Listening to this album YG picks up right where he left off on “MY Krazy Life” but with this album his rhymes are sharper and flow is a lot tighter. On this Album YG gets some hiphop heavyweights such as Lil Wayne on “I Got A Question” riding the success of “Who do you love” sparked another collabo with Drizzy Drake on “Why You Always Hating”. “FDT” featuring Nipsey Hussle takes aim at the presidential candidate.

I wasn’t sure if YG could do it without Dj Mustard but he really proved he could do it without Mustard. YG is really starting to find himself as and emcee as long as he keeps delivering music like this he will be up there with some of the left coast greats



01.  Pops Hot Intro
02. Don’t Come to L.A. [ft. Sad Boy, A.D., and Bricc Baby)
03. Who Shot Me?
04. Word is Bond [ft. Slim 400]
05. Twist My Fingaz
06. Good Times Interlude [ft. Syke 800, Duce, Marley Blu, & Burnt Out]
07. Gimmie Got Shot
08. I Got a Question [ft. Lil Wayne]
09. Why You Always Hatin’ [ft. Drake & Kamaiyah]
10. My Perception [ft. Slim 400]
11. Bool, Balm & Bollective
12. She Wish She Was [ft. Joe Moses & Jay 305]
13. YG Be Safe [ft. the Homegirl]
14. Still Brazy
15. FDT [ft. Nipsey Hussle]
16. Blacks & Browns [ft. Sad Boy]
17. Police Get Away Wit Murder

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